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Singapore Hotel
A Singapore Hotel worth booking at!

Everybody who has been to Singapore might tell you how expensive a Singapore Hotel is. But I found out Strand Hotel is not.

During our trip to Singapore we stayed at this nice hotel I found online. It was basically a bang for the buck. It was not a budget hotel but it was worth every peso.

I was kinda hesitant booking it at first. There are lots of complaints about it. The most common complain is the noise from the train station being constructed in front of the hotel. But I was left with no choice but to gamble on that hotel We were leaving for Singapore in two (2) days.

We arrived by train at around 8:45 pm. We arrived by Bras Basah Station, D Exit. It was not hard to find the location of the hotel . It was just down the road from the exit of the train station. I was kinda worried while we were making our way to the hotel. There was indeed a serious construction going on in front of the hotel. In fact, they closed down the road in front of the hotel- the Bencoolen Station.

We easily found the hotel. We were greeted by the elderly woman at the reception. There were also a few guests at the lobby at that time. Check in was easy and smooth and the lady was so nice. I booked the hotel through an online booking and I was thankful that I requested for a quiet room at the upper levels of the hotel.

The lobby of the hotel was small. The elevators were small as well. The hotel was not new but did not look old as well.

We were really relieved when we reached our room. We were so tired and famished as it was already 9pm. The room was averaged with complimentary water, tea and coffee. It also had a water heater for when you want to hot water for your coffee and tea.

The TV has some English Channels so me and my sister was able to watch some movies. 😀 The fridge in the room was also a lifesaver as me and my sis bought lots of food in one of our escapades in the city.

Hotel with TV
Relaxing at Strand Hotel after a long day of walking.

The room also had a coffee table, a single sofa and a high back chair intended for the study table. The bathroom was equipped with hot and cold shower. It even has a tub if you want to soak in.

The view was not really so nice as we were facing other buildings. But thankfully, it was not noisy and we were really able to sleep well.

Eerie building
Eerie Building of SOHA can be seen from the rooms of Strand Hotel in Singapore.

The rooms were average. But the important thing is that it was clean and allows you to relax and sleep.

We stayed for two (2) nights at Strand Hotel and we really had a relaxing stay. The hotel staff are so approachable, you would not think twice of asking for assistance.

They were also very helpful. On the last day of our trip, I asked where I could print our hotel reservation for Malaysia. The front desk personnel,this time an elderly man assisted by a young man politely answered that I can print at the hotel for a fee. 😛

The next time, I will still stay at that hotel. Probably the next time will also be better. The Bencoleen Train Station will just be in front of the hotel lobby.

If you decide to stay at Strand, you can book here or better yet, book at Agoda.

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